Press Notes

Press NotesDate
Revaluation and Photocopy details of D.P.Ed. IV & II Semesters regular and I, II, III Semester Backlog Examinations Jun-2018 15-09-2018
Submission of M.Ed II Semester Internal Marks 14-09-2018
Revaluation and Photocopy details of M.Ed I Semester Examinations Apr-2018 11-09-2018
Reschedule Exam date of Pre-Ph.D course work 10-09-2018
M.Ed. I-Semester (Improvement & Backlog) Examinations 07-09-2018
Oriental Languages ( Osmania Entrance, PDC, BA(L)), Including (CDE) courses Examinations October/November - 2018. 07-09-2018
Revaluation and Photocopy details of B.Sc (ASLP) Y.W.S Examinations April -2018 06-09-2018
Revaluation and Photocopy of BE III/IV II - Semester (Main & Backlog); II/IV I & II (Supply), III/IV I - Semester (Supply); I Year, Bridge Course I & II - Semester (Backlogs) May/June-2018 Examinations 04-09-2018
Revaluation & Photocopy Details of BE (CBCS All Branches) II & IV Semester (Main) and I & III Semester (Supplementary) May/June-2018 Examinations 04-09-2018
Re-Valuation & Photocopy Details of BCA (NON-CBCS) III/I (Supplementary) Examinations July 2018. 25-08-2018
P.G. Diploma in Digital Information Management II-Semester (Regular & Backlog) and I-Semester (Backlog) Examinations September 2018 24-08-2018
M.Ed. II Sem Regular Examinations September 2018 24-08-2018
BHMCT \ BCTCA 3 Year 2 Sem (Makeup) Examinations September 2018 24-08-2018
Extension of Submission Date for B.Ed I sem Internal Marks 21-08-2018
Re-Valuation & Photocopy details of BHMCT & BCTCA (Non-CBCS) 3/2 (Main & Backlog), 3/1,2/1 and 1 year Supply Examinations April / May -2018 20-08-2018
Master of Management Studies (MMS) I-Semester (Regular) Examinations September, 2018 16-08-2018
Revaluation and photocopy details of BHM&CT & BCT&CA (CBCS) IV-Sem (Main), II-Sem (Main & Backlog), III-Sem & I-Sem (Supply) Examinations April/May-2018 16-08-2018
Revised Fee Particulars of UG ( B.A, B.Com, B.Sc, B.B.A, and B.S.W) Supplimentary Examinations -2018 16-08-2018
UG (B.Sc..\\B.Com. \ B.A.\\B.B.A. \ B.S.W.\ (Regular, and CDE, Supplementary Examinations October 2018 14-08-2018
Re-Valuation & Photocopy details of LL.B All Semesters Examinations May/June-2018 14-08-2018
B.B.A./M.B.A. (5 Years Integrated Course) II & IV Semesters (Regular ) and I & III Semesters ( Backlog & Improvement) Examinations August 2018 14-08-2018
Re-Valuation & Photocopy details of U.G. (B.A.\B.Com.\B.Sc.\B.B.A.\B.S.W (CBCS) II & IV Sem Regular and I & III Backlog Backlog Examinations-2018 13-08-2018
Re-Valuation & Photocopy details of B.C. A. (Non-CBCS) 3/2 sem (Main & Backlog ) & 3/1 sem Supply Examinations July-2018 10-08-2018
B.Pharmacy 4/2 sem Makeup Examinations August 2018 10-08-2018
Submissions of B.Ed. II & IV sem Internal Marks 10-08-2018
Revaluation and Photocopy details of B.P.Ed. IV - Semester Regular Examinations June - 2018 04-08-2018
Revaluation & Photocopy Details of M.Pharmacy I (PCI) Semester( Main ) Examinations February 2018 26-07-2018
M.Phil ( Clinical & Rehabilitation ) Psychology I Year (Part -1) and II Year (Part-2) Examinations August 2018. 25-07-2018
Professional Diploma in Clinical Psychology Examinations 2018. 25-07-2018
Psy.D Clinical Psychology 1, 2, 3 4 and 5 year Regular Examinatons 2018 25-07-2018
M.A.(Languages) Previous & Final Year (Aggregate Improvement from the academic year 2001- 2002 to 2012 - 2013) Examinations October / November 2018 25-07-2018
Revaluation & Photocopy Details BASLP (CBCS) I&III Semester(Regular) Examinations February 2018 20-07-2018
Master’s Degree in Police Management (MDPM) III & IV-Semester (Regular & Backlog) 69RR Examinations are scheduled to be held in the Month of August, 2018. 17-07-2018
BASLP (CBCS) II and IV Semester(Regular) and I, II and III Semester (Backlog) Examinations-2018 17-07-2018
LL.M II, & IV, Semester Regular & Backlog and I, & III, Semester Backlog Examinations Aug/Sep-2018 16-07-2018
LL.B (3-YDC) , LL.B HONOURS (3-YDC), BA.LL.B (5-YDC), B.B.A LL.B (5-YDC), and B.COM LL.B (5-YDC) II-Semester Regular and I-Semester Backlog (2017 Batch only) and IV-Semester Regular and III-Semester Backlog (2016 Batch only) Examinations Aug/Sep-2018 16-07-2018
M.SC (IS) (CBCS) II Semester. ( Main & Backlogs ), I Semester. & III Semester (Supply) and M.Sc (IS) (Non-CBCS) I Year I Semester, I Year II Semester (Backlog) and II Year I Semester (Backlog) Examinations August-2018 16-07-2018
M.Pharmacy (Non-CBCS) (All specializations) I Year (Backlog), I Year I Semester & II year I Semester (Backlog) Examinations July-2018 16-07-2018
M.C.A. IV-Sem. (Main), III-Sem. (Supply), II-Sem. (Main & Backlog) & I Sem.(Supply), MCA (NON-CBCS) I Year I sem and II Semester, II Year I Sem and II Semester (Backlog) , III YEAR I SEM Supply Examinations, August - 2018. 10-07-2018
B.C.A. IV-Sem. (Main), III-Sem. (Supply), II-Sem. (Main & Backlog) & I Sem.(Supply), BCA (NON-CBCS) I Year (Backlog), II Year I and II Semester (Backlog) Examinations, August - 2018. 10-07-2018
B.Ed.II and IV - Sem ( Regular and Backlog) I, and III Sem (Backlog and Improvement) Examinations August-2018 09-07-2018
B.Pharmacy IV Sem.(CBCS) (Main), III Sem.(Supply), II Sem. & I Sem.(Backlog) and II Sem.(PCI) (Main) and I sem.(PCI) (Supply) Examinations July-2018 09-07-2018
M. Pharmacy (PCI) II Semester (Main) and I Semester (Backlog) Examinations July-2018 09-07-2018
M.Pharmacy (CBCS) I Semester and II Semester (Backlog) Examinations July-2018 09-07-2018
Postponement of PG I and III Semester ( Aggregate Improvement) Examinations July-2018 07-07-2018
BE IV/IV II Semester (Make-up, Backlog & Improvement) examinations August-2018. 05-07-2018
Revaluation and Photocopy details of M.C.A (CBCS and Non-CBCS) Examinations February-2018 05-07-2018
Revaluation & Photocopy Details of B.Ed. I - Semester Regular Examinations March - 2018 04-07-2018
Revaluation & Photocopy Details of B.Ed. III - Semester Regular Examinations March - 2018 04-07-2018
L.L.M. I, II, III, & IV Semester (Aggregate Improvement ) Examinations Aug/Sep, 2018. 04-07-2018
M.B.A. (Technology Management) II-Semester (Regular) and I-Semester (Backlog & Improvement Examinations 30-06-2018
Revaluation & Photocopy Details of LL.M I & III sem Regular Examinations March, 2018 30-06-2018
Revaluation & Photocopy Details of M.A.(L) Previous & Final Year , Regular & Backlog Examinations April 2018 30-06-2018
Revaluation and Photocopy Details of B.Pharmacy 4/2, 3/2 (Main & Backlog) & 4/1, 3/1 , 2/2, 2/1 & 1 year Supplementary Examinations April 2018 30-06-2018
Revaluation and photocopy of B.E. IV/IV - II Semester (Main & Backlogs) and IV/IV - I Semester (Supplementary) May/June-2018 examinations 28-06-2018
Pharm-D ( 6 YDC) I,II,III,IV& V Years and Pharm-D I & II Years (3 YDC) (Post Baccalaureate) (Main & Backlog), Examinations July-2018 28-06-2018
M.B.A. (Evening) II-Semester (Regular) and I-Semester (Backlog & Improvement) Examinations, July-2018 26-06-2018
Advanced P.G. Diploma in Health care II Sem (Regular) and I Sem Backlog Examinations July-2018 25-06-2018
Re-valuation details of ADV.P.G. Dip. in Health Care Courses I-Semester (Regular) January, 2018 Examinations 25-06-2018
P.G. Diploma in Psychological Counseling Examinations July-2018 21-06-2018
Revaluation and photocopy details of LLB (3-YDC, BA.LLB, BB.A.LLB, LLB Honours,B.Com LLB) I and III Semesters regular Examinations March-2018 21-06-2018
Revaluation and Photocopy of Oriental Languages Examinations April-2018 19-06-2018
B.PEd and D.PEd II Sem and IV Sem Internal and Practical Marks entry June-2018 19-06-2018
M.Ed. (Spl.Edn) I SEMESTER EXAMINATIONS July-2018 18-06-2018
Re-Conducting of U.G.(CBCS) - B.Sc. II & IV Semester (Regular) & I,II, III Semester (Backlog) Examinations 2018 15-06-2018
Extension of Last date for submission of Exam Application Forms of M.Ed.(I & II Aggregate Improvement) Examinations, July - 2018. 14-06-2018
U.G. Corrigendum for P.G.R.R.C.D.E, O.U. 13-06-2018
Extension of Pre- Ph.D. / Ph.D. EAF Submission Date June-2018 12-06-2018
B.Sc ( Forestry) II and IV Sem (Regular) CBCS Examinations July-2018 12-06-2018
Recounting & Photocopy of MBA (CBCS) I - Sem (Regular) Examinations January-2018 12-06-2018
MBA (CBCS) II Sem (Regular) and I Sem(Backlog & Improvement) Examinations-2018 12-06-2018
MAM VI, VIII, X (Regular) and I to IX (Backlog) Examinations July-2018 12-06-2018
P.G.DIPLOMA IN EARLY INTERVENTION Examinations July- 2018. 11-06-2018
Advanced P.G. Diploma n Health care Sciences I Semester Examinations July-2018 11-06-2018
Extension of P.G Exam Application Submission June-2018 11-06-2018
Revaluation and Photocopy of B.P.Ed. & D.P.Ed. III - Semester Regular Examinations March - 2018 07-06-2018
B.P.Ed. & D.P.Ed. II and IV Sem Regular, I & IV Sem Backlog and II,III Sem Backlog and Improvement Examinations June-2018 06-06-2018
P.G. Diploma in Geographical Cartography (Regular & Backlog) Examinations June-2018 04-06-2018
Recounting & Photocopy details of P.G. I & III (CBCS) Regular and Revaluation of B.Lib.I Sc. I sem Regular Examinations January 2018 02-06-2018
Revaluation, Recounting and Photocopy details of M.A.M. V, VII & IX-Semesters (Regular) Examinations Jan/Feb-2018 01-06-2018
M.C.A. III Year II Semester (Main & Backlog) & III Year I Semester (Supply), Examinations June-2018 31-05-2018
M.Sc(IS) IV Sem (Main) & II year II Sem (Backlog) Examinations June - 2018. 31-05-2018
B.C.A. III Year II-Sem.(Main & Backlog) & III year I-Sem.(Supply) Examinations June- 2018. 31-05-2018
Revaluation and Photocopy of B.C.A. all Semesters Examinations January/February 2018 29-05-2018
Re-Valuation & Photocopy details of M.Sc.(IS) (CBCS) III Sem (Main) II Sem (Supply), I Sem Main & BAcklog and I Yr I sem, I- Yr II Sem , I I Yr I Sem (Supply) (Non- CBCS) Examinations January -2018 27-05-2018
Revaluation and Photocopy details of UG Annual 2018 (YWS) Examinations April 2018 25-05-2018
M.B.A. (Evening) IV & VI-Semesters (Regular, Backlog & Improvement) and I, II, III & V-Semesters (Backlog & Improvement) Examinations June-2018 24-05-2018
M.B.A. (Technology Management) IV-Semester (Regular, Backlog & Improvement) and I, II & III-Semesters (Backlog & Improvement) Examinations June-2018 24-05-2018
P.G. CBCS and Non CBCS I & III-Semesters (Backlog & Improvement) and M.Sc. (Chemistry) 5 years Integrated Course I, III, V VII & IX Semester (Backlog & Improvement) Examinations June-2018 24-05-2018
P G. Diploma in IPR,Cyber Laws, Taxation and Insurance Laws, II Sem Regular, Backlog, and Improvement and I Sem Backlog and Improvement Examinations June-2018 22-05-2018
P.G. Diploma in Taxation (1 year and 1 Sem) - Backlog) Examinations June, 2018 21-05-2018
M.Ed I and II Semesters Aggregate Improvement (from 2003-2004 to 2014-2015) Examinations 19-05-2018
B.Tech. ( Chem.Engg/Bio-Tech) Backlog Examinations June-2018 18-05-2018
Revaluation and Photocopy details of B.P.Ed. & D.P.Ed, I- Semester Regular Examinations February-2018 17-05-2018

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