BCA (CBCS) I - Semester Practical Examinations 20-04-2021
Revised Time Table of M.Pharmacy III-Semester (PCI) (Main & Backlog) Examinations, April-2021 25-03-2021
Post M.Sc. Diploma in Radiological Physics II Semester (Regular & Backlog) and I Semester (Backlog) Examinations, April-2021 23-03-2021
Junior/Senior Diploma in French/German Examinations, April-2021 23-03-2021
Revised Time Table of B.SC (CBCS) III & V Semester (Regular) Examinations, March/April-2021 15-03-2021
P.G (M.A/M.Com/M.Com(IS)/M.Sc/M.Lin.I.SC/M.S.W/J &MC & M.Sc (Chemistry) Five Years Integrated Course Examinations, March-2021 12-03-2021
M.E/M.Tech (AICTE) II Semester (Makeup) Examinations, March-2021 06-03-2021
M.E/M.Tech (AICTE) III Semester (Regular) Examinations, March-2021 06-03-2021
BA/BBA & BSW(CBCS) III &V-Semester (Regular) Examinations, March/April-2021 06-03-2021
B.Com(CBCS) III &V-Semester (Regular) Examinations, March/April-2021 06-03-2021
BHMCT & BCTCA (CBCS & NON-CBCS) Regular and Backlog Examinations, March-2021 03-03-2021
M.Sc(IS) (CBCS) I-Semester (Backlog) Examinations, March-2021 02-03-2021
Revised Time-Table of P.G (M.Sc/M.A/M.Com/M.Lib.I.Sc/B.Lib.I.Sc/MJ&MC/M.Com(IS) III Semester(CBCS - Regular) Examinations, March-2021 01-03-2021
M.B.A (Evening- Special Examination for COVID PANDEMIC-19) VI Semester Examinations, March-2021 25-02-2021
P.G.Diploma in Digital Information Management Examinations, March-2021 25-02-2021
M.B.A( CBCS-Special Examination for COVID PANDAMIC-19) IV Semester Examinations, March-2021 23-02-2021
BHMCT/BCTCA(CBCS & NON-CBCS) Main and Backlog Practical Examinations, February/March-2021 20-02-2021
Bachelor of Physical Education(B.P.Ed) and Diploma in Physical Education (D.P.Ed) III Semester (Regular) Examinations, March 20-02-2021
Master of Physical Education II Year III Semester Examinations, March2021 20-02-2021
B.Pharmacy(PCI) Main & Backlog Examinations, March-2021 Examinations, March-2021 19-02-2021
B.E (AICTE/CBCS & NON-CBCS) Examinations, March/April-2021 19-02-2021
B.Pharmacy (CBCS & NON-CBCS) Backlog Examinations, March-2021 19-02-2021
M.Ed III Semester (Regular) Examinations, March-2021 17-02-2021
Revised Time Table of BASLP(CBCS) Regular and Backlog Examinations , March-2021 17-02-2021
LL.B (Instant/Make up/Special Covid-19) Examinations, March-2021 12-02-2021
M.B.A (Evening) III & V Semester (Regular) Examinations, February/March-2021 11-02-2021
M.B.A (Technology Mgmt).) III-Semester (Regular) Examinations, February/March-2021 11-02-2021
M.Sc (IS) (CBCS & NON-CBCS) Main and Backlog Examinations, February/March-2021 11-02-2021
Masters Degree in Hospital Management III Semester (Regular) Examinations, February/March-2021 11-02-2021
B.Ed III-Semester (Regular) Examinations, February/March-2021 10-02-2021
Revised Time Table of BCA (CBCS & NOn-CBCS) Examinations, February/March-2021 04-02-2021
Revised Time Table of MCA (CBCS & Non-CBCS) Examinations, February/March-2021 04-02-2021
Re-scheduled of LL.B (3-YDC) , LL.B HONOURS (3-YDC),BA.LL.B (5-YDC), B.B.A LL.B (5-YDC) & B.COM LL.B (5-YDC) (Regular) Examinations, February-2021 02-02-2021
P.G.R.R.C.D.E UG (BA/B.Com/BBA) III Year Instant/Backlog and Makeup Examinations, February-2021 02-02-2021
LL.M III Semester(Regular) Examinations, February-2021 02-02-2021
B.Ed (Spl.Edu) (ID/HI & LD) II Semester (Regular) and I & II (Backlog) Examinations, February-2021 01-02-2021
BCA(CBCS) III & V Semester (Main & Backlog) and II & IV Semesters (Backlog) Practical Examinations, February-2021 01-02-2021
MCA (CBCS) III & V Semester (Main & Backlog) and II & IV Semesters (Backlog) Practical Examinations, February-2021 01-02-2021
Revised Time Table of M.B.A. (CBCS) III Semester (Regular) Examinations, February-2021 29-01-2021
Revised Time-Table of P.G.R.R.C.D.E - P.G. (M.A/M.Com & M.Sc) Previous (Main & Backlog) Examinations, February-2021 29-01-2021
Revised Time-Table of Ph.D.Course Work/Pre-Ph.D. (Regular & Backlog) Examinations, January,2021 04-01-2021
MCA (CDE) Annual Practical Examinations, January-2021 04-01-2021
Oriental Languages Final Semester (Instant/Makeup & Backlog) Examinations, January/February-2021 04-01-2021
P.G.R.R.C.D.E. M.B.A IV Semester (Main & Backlog) Examinations, January-2021 29-12-2020
BHMCT/BCTCA CBCS VI Sem & Non-CBCS 3/2 sem Make-up,Improvement & Special Exam in view of Covid-19 Examinations,January - 2021 28-12-2020
B.A/B.Com/B.Sc/BBA/BSW(CBCS) II & IV Semester (Regular) Examinations January-2021 28-12-2020
B.A/B.Com/B.Sc/BBA/BSW(CBCS) VI Semester Instant Backlog/Makeup Examinations January-2021 28-12-2020
Revised Time-Table of PGDCA(CDE) I-Sem (Main & Backlog) and II Sem (Backlog) Examinations, December-2020/January-2021 24-12-2020
Master of Management Studies (MMS) II Semester (Regular) Examinations, January-2021 22-12-2020
M.Sc (Chemistry) Five Years Integrated Course (All Semester) Examinations, December-2020/January-2021 15-12-2020
PG (M.A/M.Com/M.Com (IS)/M.Sc/MCJ/M.S.W/M.Lib.I.SC/B.Lib.I.SC/MJ & MC) Examinations, December-2020/January-2021 15-12-2020
Re-Schedule of B.Pharmacy (PCI) I-Sem(Backlog) postponed Examinations, December-2020 14-12-2020
M.C.A. (P.G.R.R.C.D.E) I/II/III Year (Main) Examinations, December-2020/January-2021 14-12-2020
Re-Scheduled Exam Date of Pharma-D (6ydc) & Pharma-D (3 ydc (PB) ) 1 & 3 year December 2020 11-12-2020
Re-Scheduled Exam Date of BHMCT & BCTCA (CBCS) I sem Supply Examinations,Nov./Dec.2020 11-12-2020
PGCDA (CDE) I -Sem (Main & Backlog) and II-sem (Backlog) Examinations December - 2020/January -2021 11-12-2020
Revised Time-Table of B.P.Ed & D.P.Ed Examinations, Dec/Jan-2020-21 10-12-2020
Post Graduate Diploma in Law Examinations, December-2020 09-12-2020
Master of Physical Education (M.P.Ed) Regular & Backlog Examinations, December-2020 09-12-2020
Re-Scheduled date for MBA(CDE) I- Semester Postponed Examination, December-2020 09-12-2020
Re-Scheduled of M.C.A (CBCS) II Sem (Main) Postponed Examination, December-2020 09-12-2020
Re-Scheduled of UG B.A (P.G.R.R.C.D.E.(Y.W.S)) Examinations, December-2020 09-12-2020
Re-Scheduled of B.C.A (CBCS) II Sem (Main) Postponed Examination, December-2020 09-12-2020
Re-Scheduled of Bachelor of Engineering Postponed Examination, December-2020 09-12-2020
B.P.Ed & D.P.Ed (Regular & Backlog) Examinations, December-2020 08-12-2020
B.Com (Year-Wise) Backlog Examinations, Dec/Jan-2020-21 07-12-2020
B.A/B.B.A & B.S.W (Year-Wise) Backlog Examinations, Dec/Jan-2020-21 07-12-2020
B.Sc (Year-wise) Backlog Examinations, Dec/Jan-2020-21 07-12-2020
BCA (CBCS)VIII Semester and (Non-CBCS) (IV/II) Semester Makeup Examinations, December-2020 05-12-2020
B.Pharmacy (CBCS)VIII Semester and (Non-CBCS) (IV/II) Semester Makeup Examinations, December-2020 05-12-2020
PG (M.Sc/M.A/M.Com/M.S.W/M.Lib.I.Sc/B.Lib.I.Sc/MAJ &MC/M.Com(IS) I & III Semesters(CBCS-Backlog & Improvement) Examinations, December-2020 05-12-2020
PG (M.Sc/M.A/M.Com/M.S.W/M.Lib.I.Sc/B.Lib.I.Sc/MAJ &MC/M.Com(IS) II Semesters(CBCS- Regular,Backlog & Improvement) Examinations, December-2020 05-12-2020
MBA (Technology Mgt.) II Semester (Regular) Examinations, December-2020 03-12-2020
Revised Time Table of Post M.Sc Diploma in Radiological Physics I - Semester (Regular) Examinations, December-2020 03-12-2020
Master of Special Education(Intellectual Disability) I & III Semester (Regular) Examinations, December-2020 02-12-2020
MBA (CBCS) II Semester (Regular) Examinations, December-2020 02-12-2020
B.Ed Special Education (Intellectual Disability, Learning Disability and Hearing Impairment) IV Semester( Regular/Backlog/and Improvement) Examinations, December-2020 02-12-2020
M.Ed II & IV (Regular) and I/II/III & IV Semester (Backlog & Improvement) Examinations, Dec/Ian -2021 02-12-2020
LL.M/LL.B(3-YDC)/ LL.B(Honours)/BA.LL.B/BBA. LL.B & B.Com. LL.B (Regular) Examinations, December-2020 28-11-2020
B.E. VIII Semester (CBCS) and IV/II Semester (Backlog) Makeup Examinations, December-2020 28-11-2020
Pharm-D 6-YDC & Pharm-D (3-YDC) (Post Baccalaureate) Main and Backlog Examinations, December-2020 27-11-2020
Re-scheduling of B.Sc (Hons) Forestry 4 years semester-VI (Regular) Examination, November-2020 24-11-2020
Re-Schedule of UG B.A & B.Sc(CBCS) Semester II & IV Backlog Examinations, Nov/Dec-2020 24-11-2020
Postponement and Re-Schedule of B.Pharmacy Examinations, November/December-2020 24-11-2020
Revised Time-Table of P.G.R.R.C.D.E M.B.A I & III Semester (Regular) Examinations, December-2020 24-11-2020
Re-Schedule of UG B.A & B.Com P.G.R.R.C.D.E (Y.W.S.) Examinations, Nov/Dec-2020 19-11-2020
Revised Time Table of BCA (CBCS) IV Sem,(Main), II Sem(Main) & I Semester (Supply) Examinations, November/December-2020 17-11-2020
Revised Time Table of B.E. CBCS VI Semester (Main) and AICTE (Main & Backlog) Examinations, Nov/Dec-2020 17-11-2020
Revised Time Table of MCA (CBCS) IV Sem, II Sem(Main) & I Semester (Supply) Examinations, November/December-2020 17-11-2020
Revised Time-Table of B.Pharmacy (PCI) Regular & Backlog Examinations, Nov/Dec-2020 17-11-2020
Revised Time-Table of BCT&CA&BHM&CT (CBCS) Regular and Backlog Examinations, Nov/Dec-2020 17-11-2020
P.G Diploma Program in Genetic Counselling Examinations, November-2020 16-11-2020
P.G.R.R.C.D.E U.G (B.A/B.Com/B.B.A) I & II Year Regular & Backlog Examinations, November/December-2020 13-11-2020
B.Sc (Hons) Forestry 4Years (CBCS) Semester II,IV & VI (Regular & BAcklog) & V Sem (Backlog) Examinations, Nov/Dec-2020 13-11-2020
BCA (CBCS) II & IV Semester(Main) and I & III Semester (Backlog) Practical Examinations, November/December 10-11-2020
B.F.A (Year-wise & Semester wise) Examinations, November-2020 10-11-2020
MCA (CBCS) II & IV Sem(Mains) and I & III Semester (Backlogs) Practical Examinations, November/December-2020 10-11-2020
Re-Scheduling of B.Sc (CBCS) Semester-I (Backlog) Examination, November-2020 09-11-2020
Postponement and Re-Schedule of M.C.A Examinations, October/November-2020 09-11-2020
Practical Time Table of BHMCT & BCTCA II sem Main & Backlog and I Sem Backlog Examinations , November 2020 06-11-2020

Previous Timetables